The QV range of washes and moisturisers is gentle enough to use everyday. QV works with sensitive skin, sealing in natural moisture and gives extra hydration and nourishment. Soap fragrance and irritant free.

Phloe Bowel Health

Phloe is the natural, effective and gentle way to maintain your bowel health.  Derived from NZ kiwi fruit, it's got natural enzymes, prebiotics and fibre to help with bloating, wind and digestive discomfort.

Clinicians AllerStop

AllerStop is a natural formula that supports the body's response to allergens: like pet hair, dust mites and pollen.  It works fast and can be taken alongside other medications.


Talk to the pharmacist about SILVASTA™, our little blue pill direct to you

SILVASTA™ is available direct from your pharmacist without a presciption.  Click here to find a pharmacy near you

Health Fix

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