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The Benefits of Medico Pak

The simple straightforward convenience of Medico Pak has made so many people’s lives easier by reducing the stress that can be associated with managing and remembering multiple dosage medication.

Medico Pak helps...

  • Long term chronic conditions requiring ongoing complex medication.
  • Convenient for parents with children and adolescents who are on a medication schedule.
  • On holiday, travelling, or when you’re constantly on the move for whatever reason.
  • Multiple medications or a difficult dosage schedule.
  • Nurses and caregivers who need a system they can trust.
Each Medico Pak is packed by your pharmacist according to your individual prescription so you can trust that your medication dosage is accurately and correctly dispensed.

With Medico Pak...

  • Your medication for each day is packed in one easy-tear strip if you need to take it with you.
  • Details printed on the back of each pottle allow you to check when your medication is due.
  • Quickly see if you have taken your medication by the number of empty pottles used.
  • Instructions are clear and easy to read, avoiding confusion.
  • Errors are minimised with each dose correctly packed and labelled.
  • No bulky bottles or packets to carry around.
  • Pak Popper and Magnifiers are available if needed - ask your pharmacy.