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QV Body Skin Care

QV Body Care

Just as you brush your teeth to keep them nice and strong, if you want lovely supple skin, you need to adopt a healthy daily skincare routine. That's why you will love QV skincare; all our products are free from common irritantssuch as soap, fragrance, making them kind to/suitable for even sensitive skin



QV Face Skin Care

QV Face

With QV face it's more about what we don't use than what we do. There are no gimmicks in our skincare products.

We use gentile ingredients that have a reduced chance of irritating delicate and sensitive facial skin.



QV Face Skin Care

QV Hair

QV introduces the QV hair care range. Just like your face and body, your scalp can also be sensitive to common irritants.

Like all QV products QV Gentile Shampoo and Conditioner and QV Hari Control Serum are soap, colour, and fragrance free, making it suitable for all hairt types.



QV Face Skin Care

QV Feet Care

Feet need to be cared for to ensure that they don't become rough and dry, and that more serious problems like cracked heals and infection don't occur. The feet are also prone to foot odour which may be caused by bacterial growth.

See our range of QV foot care products